Does Google Think Your Business is Dead?

Does Google Think Your Business is Dead?

You’ve just moved to a new town and you’re craving Chinese food. You’re in need of a doctor on a Saturday. Your husband needs a suit dry-cleaned by Monday. What’s your next move?  Ask Google, of course!

Everyone knows that a digital presence is essential to a thriving business. Your potential customers are searching for you! Having a website is a must, but did you know that frequently updating this website is just as important?  Here’s why:


  • Fresh content sends the signal to your customers that your business is thriving. Updated information on your website ensures visitors that your business is flourishing and that you care about your customers. Fresh content also keeps current customers engaged and aware of any new products, promotions, or exciting changes.
  • Fresh content increases your authority potential. Publishing informative, quality content on your website increases your authority on a topic. As your authority grows, so will your customers’ trust. This trust will result in loyalty to your company and your products, making you highly competitive regardless of the size of your business.
  • Fresh content leads to more frequent indexing. The more often your website is updated, the more frequently a search engine will visit your website. This gives you more opportunities to achieve higher rankings based on your website’s content. With each update, the search engine will rearrange your site’s ranking. Therefore, frequently updating your content will lead to more reassessments of your website’s position on its index and a greater chance of a higher ranking. In other words, potential customers are more likely to find your website via a Google search.
  • Fresh content presents more opportunities for keywords. One of the main ways search engines index and rank websites is through keywords. Frequently added content gives you the opportunity to increase the number of applicable keywords that will attract visitors to your site. However, it’s important to remember that it’s not enough to simply update frequently; you need to keep your content standards high. Low quality articles haphazardly filled with keywords can penalize your ranking. One great way to achieve this is to include a blog on your website that is frequently updated with applicable articles on topics that naturally include your keywords.


Need help keeping your content fresh? Evolve Impact Group offers personalized content writing solutions for your business to ensure improved market presence and sustainable, long-term impact in the marketplace.  



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The crew at Evolve have elevated our marketing efforts to a whole new level! They are always available for questions and brainstorming and have helped our new business with creating some powerful marketing campaigns both online and in the local community.

- Steven Hull, Integrity Urgent Care

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