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August Client Spotlight - Brady Atkins from Anderson Atkins DDS

August Client Spotlight - Brady Atkins from Anderson Atkins DDS

Our August client spotlight features Brady Atkins from Anderson Atkins, DDS. Brady, a Bryan native, joined Craig Anderson's dental practice in 2017. Evolve Impact Group began working with Anderson Atkins in the Spring of 2018 and we have enjoyed learning more about their practice and the dental services they offer Bryan/College Station residents. In July of this year, Anderson Atkins expanded their team welcoming Brady's wife, Lindsey to the practice. Check out our interview below to learn more about Anderson Atkins DDS and Dr. Brady Atkins!

Tell me about yourself – how did you get to where you are, working at Anderson & Atkins?

I am actually a Bryan native - I grew up here and graduated from Bryan high. Being 1 of 4 boys, I was involved in all the normal things revolving around sports, but I also spent a lot of time with my church. First and foremost I am a Christian and hope I live in a way that shows that. Funny enough, this is related to how I ended up working with Dr. Anderson. My mom was asked by a friend at church to come work part time at their dentist office as they were growing - little did we know that Dr. Anderson had just started at this office as well and would eventually become the owner of the practice. Throughout the years, Dr. Anderson was my dentist and I had grown to love the dental profession, mostly because we get to interact with so many different people and make a tangible difference to their day. Once I was accepted into dental school, the plan was to return back to the Brazos Valley and work with Dr. Anderson. He had just built a new office to hold 2 extra dentists and it was perfect because I had just married one of my classmates who works with us now - Dr. Lindsey Atkins!

What is something you are looking forward to for Anderson & Atkins in the upcoming year? 

We are all really excited about this next year! Dr. Lindsey Atkins just started working with us, following her year of advanced training in the Houston medical center, so we are growing it seems every day. We feel like our team is just about complete so all that is left is continuing to build and grow off of our family atmosphere that we love. We hope to bring some of the many things that Lindsey trained in her program to our office to better serve our patients too!

It's not very often that a dental office can hire two new dentists in 1 year, but we have a really great team and family of patients that make it possible.

What can you attribute Anderson & Atkins’ growth to? In what ways do you hope to continue this growth? 

There are a lot of people to attribute the growth of our practice to. First of whom is our great team. We always try to treat people like family here and our entire team takes that to practice every day. Second is Dr. Anderson - he a great mentor when it comes to doing great dentistry and treating people the right way. I think these are two of the top ways that leave our patients feeling comfortable and well treated. It's our patients that hopefully are able to share good experiences with their communities that help our practice grow! 

Second to those are our great network of specialists and colleagues around the Brazos Valley that share our passion for caring for patients. And as we try to really grow to, we couldn't have the success we've seen without you guys at Evolve. With the digital age growing exponentially, we have to have a positive online presence, especially when people rely so much on online reviews from Google, Yelp, and other Social Media outlets.

As far as how we want to grow, we don't really have too many specifics. We care for people as far as Tomball to Brenham, Caldwell, and all around the Brazos Valley. We want to grow by adding to our patient family people who want to be treated fairly and treated to the highest standard, but would really just love the opportunity to help those who entrust their well being to us!

Have you been able to see the impact of marketing and digital marketing on Anderson & Atkins? 

We've been really excited about our digital marketing growth over these past 6 months. We knew we had to grow, but we recognize we are not marketing and computer whiz-kids - we like to focus on our dentistry! So having Evolve help us establish a presence has been great. We've continued to see growth in new patients every week and although they come through a variety of avenues, time and time again people find us from internet searches in some form or fashion. We look forward to even more growth through our digital marketing as we continue to develop.

What do you feel is unique about Anderson & Atkins? 

I think the biggest quality that sets us apart is that we are all about family. Whenever we treat our patients, we are going to treat them like we would our own family. In tandem with that, our dental team is such a tight knit group, most of us have been working at our office for 10, 20, and even 30 years! We always say when people come to work here, they don't normally leave. We hope that's a good reflection on how we all care about keeping things about family and treating people to the standard that we would want our own family treated. 

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The crew at Evolve have elevated our marketing efforts to a whole new level! They are always available for questions and brainstorming and have helped our new business with creating some powerful marketing campaigns both online and in the local community.

- Steven Hull, Integrity Urgent Care

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